Cargo Damage Investigation

Accidents happen, and when they do it is of utmost importance to have a reliable marine surveyor that can contribute with his experience to collect evidence, advise Principals on short notice and help coordinate operations if necessary.

When things go wrong we are your eyes on site and can keep you closely informed. We use the latest technology to collect evidence and share with our Principals, so that they can take well-informed decisions without delay.

In case of water ingress damage, we rely on ultra-sonic tightness tests, expert visual inspection of hatch covers, bilge back-flow tests, silver nitrate tests to get a clear picture of the cause of damage.

In case of a shift of cargo, our vast experience in lashing and securing matters can assist in determining the root cause of the incident.

We can investigate whether due diligence had been exercised prior to and during the sea voyage by consulting log books, nautical charts, checklists, certificates, procedures followed, interviewing the Captain and others involved.

Water ingress damage
Shift of cargo
Other incidents

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