Cargo Superintendent

When a Charterer or Owner, requires the presence of a reliable supercargo/port captain to manage the cargo operations on their behalf, we can combine our local expertise with our vast experience to guarantee smooth operations.

Usually provided with a stowage plan, ship details and cargo specifics, our work as supercargo is to supervise the cargo operations, foresee any problems that might arise and act on them to ensure smooth operations.

We ensure lashing and securing is carried out in accordance with best industry practice and advise our Principals.

We calculate the balances of forces in the lashing arrangements of the heavy lifts in accordance with the IMO CSS code Annex 13, to ensure that these arrangements are satisfactory.

Upon completion of cargo operations, we issue a full detailed report, recording times of operations, hoisting methods, stowage, lashing and securing operations, all accompanied with an ample set of high quality photographs, which are also shared via our cloud service.

Supervising the loading of break bulk cargo
Supervising the loading of windmill tower sections
Supervising lashing and securing operations

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