Lashing and securing

At IMCS Spain we can build on an extensive experience in the field of lashing and securing:

  • Project cargo
  • Windmill components
  • Artworks
  • General break-bulk cargo
  • Stuffing and securing into shipping containers
  • Stuffing and securing onto flat-racks, bolsters or Mafi-trailers

Prior to shipment, we can provide consultancy with regards to planned lashing and securing arrangements. Lashing material advice, securing methods and calculations can be provided.

At the time of loading, we can ensure that the cargo is properly stowed, that lashing arrangements are properly applied, in good condition and in line with best industry practice.

For heavy lifts (> 10 tons), we calculate the balances of forces in the lashing arrangements in accordance with the IMO CSS code Annex 13, to ensure that these arrangements are satisfactory.

Upon request we can issue a lashing and securing certificate upon completion.

Lashing and securing of heavy lifts
Lashing and securing of windmill tower sections
Lashing and securing
Stuffing and securing onto flat-racks
Stuffing and securing of artworks onto Mafi-trailers
Stuffing and securing into shipping containers
Checking weld thickness on sea fastening

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