Marine Warranty Surveys

While many types of Marine Warranty Surveys exist, our experience in this field lies with load-outs of heavy lifts or other critical equipment, which require the presence of a MWS.

For Marine Warranty Surveys, because of the very nature of this type of survey, we need to be involved well in advance of the planned time of cargo operations. This allows us to evaluate and approve the Method Statement and/or other relevant documents.

We generally have a prior meeting with parties involved to ensure smooth operations and avoid surprises at the actual time of load-out.

Lifting material and their certification is checked in advance as well.

We calculate the balances of forces in the lashing arrangements of the heavy lifts in accordance with the IMO CSS code Annex 13, to ensure that these arrangements are satisfactory.

The relevant required certificates are issued on the spot at time of cargo operations.

Upon completion of cargo operations, we issue a full detailed report, recording times of operations, hoisting methods, stowage, lashing and securing operations, all accompanied with an ample set of high quality photographs, which are also shared via our cloud service.

Load-out of critical equipment
Load-out of critical equipment
Inspection of lifting gear

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