On-hire and off-hire surveys

At IMCS Spain we routinely carry out on-hire and off-hire surveys on dry cargo vessels of various types:

  • General cargos
  • Bulk carriers
  • Container vessels
  • Ro-ro vessels

We carefully measure all bunker tanks to establish the quantities of combustible on board at the time of delivery to Charterers or re-delivery to Owners.

A detailed inspection is carried out to record and report on the condition of the hull, main deck, hatch covers, cargo compartments and adjacent areas at the time of delivery or re-delivery.

Upon prior request we can also include an ultra-sonic tightness as part of the on-hire survey.

Ship certification is also checked for overdue or missing certificates.

A delivery or re-delivery certificate is issued on the spot.

Within 3 working days we issue a full detailed report, with an ample number of captioned photographs, which are also shared via our cloud service.

Container vessel cell guides are in important object of scrutiny during on-hire and off-hire surveys
General cargo vessel
Ro-ro vessel with ceilings prone to damages.

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