Outturn surveys

Outturn or discharge surveys are carried out to record and report on the condition of the cargo upon arrival at port of a loaded ship.

When the cargo is discharged, the responsibility for the cargo passes from Owner to Receiver, mostly through the hand of a Stevedoring Company or other intermediaries. An outturn survey can help determine when and where any damage occurred.

We witness first opening of the hatches at discharge port to check for signs of water ingress and/or shifts of cargo and report to our Principals on the spot if any irregularities are noted.

If any damage is found that was not recorded at the time of loading, we proceed to investigate the cause. Further we ensure that the damaged cargo is properly segregated and stored with suitable protection to prevent further deteriorating of the cargo, and we take all necessary measures to mitigate the loss.

In case of water ingress damage, we rely on ultra-sonic tightness tests, expert visual inspection of hatch covers, bilge back-flow tests, silver nitrate tests to get a clear picture of the cause of damage.

In case of a shift of cargo, our vast experience in lashing and securing matters can assist in determining the root cause of the incident.

We can investigate whether due diligence had been exercised prior to and during the sea voyage by consulting log books, nautical charts, checklists, certificates, procedures followed, interviewing the Captain and others involved.

Witnessing opening hatches
Recording the condition of the cargo upon arrival at port
Checking the condition of the cargo during discharge
Silver nitrate tests carried out to check for the presence of salts

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