Steel pre-loading surveys

Steel cargo claims take up a large proportion of all cargo claims for Shipowners, Charterers and their P&I clubs. A steel pre-shipment survey will help to ensure that the Mate’s Receipts and Bills of Lading accurately reflect the apparent order and condition of the cargo at the time of shipment.

The north of Spain having a noteworthy concentration of steel producing mills, exporting various type of steel our, we have a vast experience with:

  • Hot rolled steel beams
  • Hot rolled steel plates
  • Wire rod in coils (WRIC)
  • Coils of hot rolled steel sheeting
  • Packed coils of tinplate or galvanised steel sheeting
  • Steel rails
  • Seamless steel tubes, coated and uncoated

Description of the cargo condition is carried out using standard clauses in accordance with the International Group Circular dated Feb. 1964. This ensures that the clauses do not leave room for interpretation, and hence avoids confusion.

In addition the condition of the cargo is captured with high quality photographs to provide evidence about the condition and degree of corrosion or other defects.

Our surveyors have an expert knowledge of the types and degrees of rust formation, including the types of corrosion caused by salt contamination.

Combined with our local experience of when and where salt contamination can be expected, we can provide our Clients assurance that no preexisting salt contamination will go on board unnoticed.

Subject to approval of our Principals, we follow up loading, dunnaging, stowage, lashing and securing operations and can advise the Master in these matters.

The full detailed report is issued within 3 working days and includes complete records such as timing of the loading operations, the weather throughout, rain delays, details of the vessel, cargo description, numbers, types, weights, stowage, Bills of loading, pres-shipment storage.

Upon request, the steel pre-shipment survey can be complemented with a hatch cover inspection, with or without ultra-sonic tightness test.

Hot rolled steel beams
Coils of hot rolled steel sheeting
Not all corrosion is equal
Silver nitrate tests carried out to check for presence of salts
Pre-shipment damages can quickly add up and cause claims at destination if not properly described in M/R or B/L
Advising the Master regarding stowage, lashing and securing of steel products

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